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François Ozon filmography

A Curtain Raiser (2006)

A Curtain Raiser dvdSynopsis : Bruno and his friend Pierre are waiting for Rosette in his Parisian bachelor flat. She is late again. But this time Bruno's mind is made up: if Rosette is more than three quarters of an hour late, it will be over between them for good.

French TV broadcast: 9th January 2007 - Runtime: 26 min 

Dialogue excerpt :

BRUNO: Rosette will soon stop laughing, for if she arrives after a quarter to, I shall stick to my guns.
PIERRE: It'll be a scene worthy of ancient times.
BRUNO: I'm impervious to your mockery. I know I'm right.
PIERRE: To be right... in love!
BRUNO: Why can't one be right in love? Is love a place where justice, wisdom and pride dare not dwell, for fear of ridicule?

Director: François Ozon
Screenplay, adaptation : François Ozon based on "Un incompris" by Henry de Montherlant

Cast: Louis Garrel (Bruno), Vahina Giocante (Rosette) and Mathieu Amalric (Pierre)

Cinematographer : Yorick Le Saux
Editor : Muriel Breton
Art Designer : Sébastien Danos
Costumer : Pascaline Chavanne
Sound : Laurent Benaim
Scriptgirl : Annick Reipert
Make-up & hairdresser : Sylvie Longchamp
Set photographer : Jean-Claude Moireau
Sound editor : Benoit Gargonne
Sound mixer : Benjamin Viau
Production manager : Cécile Vacheret
Music : Gonzales

Presented at the 59th Cannes Film Festival in the official selection (out of competition)

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