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French Previews of The New Girlfriend

French Previews of Une Nouvelle Amie (The New Girlfriend):

September 22, 2014: UGC LES HALLES PARIS (Booking & Infos)
October 14, 2014: NANTES Gaumont (Booking & Infos)
October 20, 2014: LILLE UGC (Booking & Infos)
October 21, 2014: STRASBOURG UGC (Booking & Infos)
October 23, 2014: TOULOUSE Gaumont Wilson (Booking & Infos)
October 30, 2014: LYON UGC Confluence (Booking & Infos)
October 31, 2014: MONTPELLIER Film Festival
November 3rd, 2014: MK2 BIBLIOTHÈQUE PARIS (Booking & Infos)

Une nouvelle amie de François Ozon


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