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Welcome to François Ozon official website. You will find below the latest news about the director of Swimming Pool and Potiche.

François Ozon won the Jacques Prévert Award for The New Girlfriend

On February 4th, The jury of the Jacques Prévert Awards granted the Best Adapted Screenplay to François Ozon  for Une Nouvelle Amie (The New Girlfriend).

Prix Jacques Prévert 2015


Una Nuova Amica

Watch the Italian teaser of Una Nuova Amica (Une nouvelle amie):

Click here to watch the video on your iPhone or iPad

The film will be released in Italy on March 2015.


Une nouvelle amie nominated for 2 César Awards

Une nouvelle amie has been nominated for 2 César Awards in the following categories :

Best actor : Romain Duris
Best costume design : Pascaline Chavanne

The ceremony will be held on February 20 at Paris's Chatelet Theater.


Romain Duris nominated at the Lumiere Awards

Romain DurisFrench actor Romain Duris is nominated at the Lumière Awards 2015 for Best Actor in leading role for his performance in The New Girlfriend.

The ceremony will take place in Paris on February 2, 2015.


Eine neue Freundin

The New Girlfriend (Eine neue Freundin) to be released in Germany on March 26 2015.

Eine neue Freundin


The CD soundtrack of Ricky

The soundtrack of Ricky composed by Philippe Rombi will be released on CD on 19 January 2015 by Music Box Records. The album features Philippe Rombi's original score including the song The Greatest by Cat Power.

For this fantastical family drama, Ozon’s regular collaborator Philippe Rombi composed a gorgeous and thematic score filled with expressive piano solos, and tender string writing. The main theme is based on a delicate waltz and is slightly melancholic with utterly beautiful piano melody. Rombi develops his theme with melodic variations: played with glockenspiel, lush cello, disquieting woodwinds, rolling harps and syncopated piano. As usual, Rombi’s writing is so lyrical, so romantic, so elegant, and Ricky is no exception.

CD Ricky - Philippe Rombi - Music Box RecordsTRACK-LISTING :

1. Ricky (thème) (3:46)
2. Pré-générique (0:44)
3. Générique début (1:10)
4. Naissance (1:07)
5. Les premiers jours (1:22)
6. Premiers signes (2:48)
7. Nuit sur le lac (1:28)
8. Lisa (1:15)
9. Évolution (1:14)
10. Conséquences (3:07)
11. L'hôpital (1:01)
12. Seule (1:41)
13. Le retour de Paco (1:21)
14. L'envol (2:06)
15. La révélation (2:03)
16. Générique de fin (3:47)
17. The Greatest (3:22)

The CD is available on Music Box Records and Amazon.


The New Girlfriend

Une nouvelle amie de François OzonUne nouvelle amie (The New Girlfriend) directed by François Ozon opens today in France.

> Read film reviews on Télérama, Elle, Le Nouvel Obs, Les Inrocks, Libération, L'Express, Studio Ciné Live and Le Monde.

> Read the interview with Romain Duris in Paris Match (picture below © M. Hartmann)


Romain Duris / Paris Match


Romain Duris on the cover of Les Inrocks

For the promotion of François Ozon's The New Girlfriend, Romain Duris is on the cover of the French magazine Les Inrocks.

> Read the article on

Duris - Les Inrocks

Romin Duris - Les Inrocks

Romain Duris is also on the cover of the magazine Illimité:





The New Girlfriend soundtrack

The soundtrack of The New Girlfriend (Une nouvelle amie) composed by Philippe Rombi will be released on CD on November 3rd by Cristal Records. The album features Philippe Rombi's original score and songs performed by Nicole Croisille, Amanda Lear and Anaïs Demoustier.

CD Une nouvelle amie - Philippe RombiTRACK-LISTING :

01. Enfance (P. Rombi) 3’08
02. Laura (P. Rombi) 4’33
03. Le Parfum de Laura (P. Rombi) 1’56
04. Rendez-Vous (P. Rombi) 1’10
05. Créancy (P. Rombi) 1’56
06. Promenade (P. Rombi) 2’26
07. Maquillage (P. Rombi) 2’05
08. Vêpres Solennelles – Laudate Dominium K.339 (W. A. Mozart) 4’56
09. Une Femme avec Toi (A. Ferrari/V. Pallavicini/P. Delanöé) 4’23
10. Follow Me (A. Lear/A. Moon) 3’48
11. Nuit à Créancy (P. Rombi) 3’07
12. La Vie sans Virginia (P. Rombi) 3’25
13. C’est David Maintenant (P. Rombi) 2’09
14. Lucie (P. Rombi) 1’59
15. Sortie d’Ecole (P. Rombi) 3’36
16. Générique Fin (P. Rombi) 2’09
17. Une Femme avec Toi 2'28

The CD is available on Music Box Records, Amazon, Fnac


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