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Interviews about Ricky

Interview with François Ozon

Ricky de François Ozon
The starting point for RICKY was a short story by English novelist Rose Tremain...

In English, the title of the story is MOTH, those nocturnal butterflies who are drawn to light. In the French version, the story was called LÉGER COMME L’AIR (LIGHT AS AIR). I liked it immediately when I read it, but I didn’t think I could adapt it.


Interview with Alexandra Lamy

Alexandra Lamy et Mélusine Mayance dans Ricky

Were you surprised that François Ozon thought of you for the role of Katie?

When my agent called to tell me I had an audition with François Ozon, I was indeed surprised. I have a theater background, I studied at the Conservatory, but most people associate me with my role in the television comedy sketch show UN GARS, UNE FILLE (A GUY, A GIRL), which is very different from François’ work.


Interview with Sergi Lopez

Sergi Lopez dans Ricky de François Ozon

Were you familiar with François Ozon’s films before working with him?

No, I don’t see a lot of films and I don’t live in France. But I’d met him before, during a promotional tour. And I knew people who had worked with him. Not having seen his films didn’t worry me - my ignorance is part of who I am. I don’t choose projects based on a filmmaker’s previous work...


Interview with Pierre Buffin (special effects)

Arthur Peyret dans Ricky de François Ozon

What was your reaction when you read the script for RICKY?

It’s the kind of script you read and think: this is audacious and intriguing, especially coming from François Ozon. His films always walk a fine line, right on the edge of strange. You feel things might shift at any minute. Seeing the finished film, I was even more surprised! I didn’t expect such powerful realism.